Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monsoon and Farmer

                                                    Monsoon and Farmer

  Monsoon....most friendliest to farmers and human life.  Traditional farmers were familiar in the field of monsoon thru the year.  Seasonal crops are cultivated in a specified season, it was protected by various natural factors till to crop's lifespan.  Temperature, humidity, rainfall and sunlight  are important factors to cultivate the crop.
Insurance part, farmers mostly fail to insure their crops except commercials. 

  Awareness of Agri-insurance and its benefits have to teach the farmer's  benefits.  Heavy rainfall, rain failure, hot temperature, low sunlight, wind, cyclone and flood, crop's pest and diseases are important factors to affect the investment of agri crops.  Right time of cultivation, based on the monsoon study gives better yield to all.
Farmer;s must insure their valuable work and money.

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