Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Increasing population needs everyday to consume food grains. In this aspect Agri Innovaters encourage the people who wishes to revolutionize the agri business. Though traditional cultivation practices are appreciable, current trechno parameters are playing in vital role to increase the crop productivity.

Grains, Pulses, Oil seeds, Sugarcane, flowers,Vegetables, Plantation outputs and livestock products are highly consumes in our daily life. Current scenerio insists that we have to improve production and its necessity. Essential practices of cultivation methods, weather, pricing, labour and financial factors are considerable things to full this.

Universities, Research stations, Statistical institutes are publishing good technologies, reports and favourable solutions.

A ground level farmer needs right guidance, and few assistance to do agriculture and uplift his lifestyle. Lack of education or innocense stops his speedy activities. Number of Agripreneurs expets to help them in various aspects, if so, investment in Agriculture and its ROI (Return on investment) is risky factor in agri sector. Reason is monsoon favours in sometimes or fails. Apart from weather fact, human controlled facts are 80-90 percent of the business successes. Traditional seeds and cultivation practices are assets of the agri people.!-- Include the Google Friend Connect javascript library. -->

Land's thirsty is our hungry. Land utilisation is very important thing to food production. Unutilised land and water are the licensed poverty makers. To increase national GDP, Agri produce and farmers lifestyle, we have to think and implement new ideas for agri- production. Agripreneurs, Agri-passionaters, Agri innovaters and Agriculturists are the strength of every single farmer. Farming community responses and assures every new born baby's hunger-free life.

A drop of rain water gives life to single seed. Seed grows and brings the rain again , when it becomes tree.
Farmer needs to analyse the following things to do successful farming:
Land: Soil test, land topograpy, soil's past performance etc.
Water: Nature of water source, detailed water test reports etc.
Seeds: Use certified/hybrid seeds.
Manuring: Based on soil test reports manure and fertilizer should be applied.
Agronomy: Machineries helps to reduce manpower work.
Insurance: Corporates/individual farmers must insure the crop.
Husbandry: Use recommended quantity of quality fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide and harmones.
Harvesting: Right time of harvesting and storage helps to standardise the output's quality.
Marketing: Sell in market on the basis of cost of production plus profit margin.
Consuming: Check the quality of the product and consume happily.

Nowadays Contract farming gives the easiest solution for more difficult questions in Agriculture. Try and follow the natural farming practices in commercial way.

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